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Meet the super cool, super fly organziers!

Brian Colantonio

Brian is a 5th year Masters student at the University of Connecticut's Neag School of Education. He is a "Digital Citizenship" intern at Manchester High School and Illing Middle School in Manchester. Brian is a fan of traveling, sports, and history, and is super excited to bring another TEDx event to Manchester high school. Brian's favorite jam to dance to is "Feel Good" by James Brown, but can be seen dancing to just about anything in the car at a red light.

Parag Joshi

Parag Joshi is the lead teacher for the Truth Academy and has been teaching high school social studies for 12 years.


He is very excited to help produce a TEDx conference at Manchester High School, to spread the idea that ideas shape ourselves and the world and that ideas that help the world become more peaceful and free are worth spreading.


He is currently obsessed with the question, "What is more important in a person's life and in a society's life, choices or circumstances?"



Justis Lopez

Justis is a 5th year masters student at UConn's Neag School Of Education studying to become a social studies teacher. He is one of the "Digital Citizenship" interns at Manchester High School and Illing Middle School. Justis loves music and poetry and secretly loves singing in the shower. In his free time he DJs on the 1's and 2's. He is uber excited for this year's TEDx event! 

Truth Academy Students
(pictured above & below]

Truth Academy students are diverse in their backgrounds and their interests.  A skeptical outlook and an open mind is what they have in common.  Students love to discuss current events, philosophical questions, or just about anything.  They are excited to help produce the TEDx conference!


Much Love to all the Friends of TEDxManchesterHighSchool


Superintendent Matt Geary                      Principal Jill Kreiger

Mr. Eric Larson                                         Mr. Josh Lewis

Ms. Allie Seaha                                        Mr. Daniel Wilson

Mr. Mike Stroneski                                   Mr. Dave Fairbanks

Mr. Garrett Pilney

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